These are some of my personal photos. I've always been obsessed with the Ocean and wildlife in general. Looking at a beautiful sky or be surrounded by nature makes me really happy and recharges my batteries. I chose these photos not because they are artistic or good, but because they represent what I enjoy and love.
I love scuba diving. The ocean has always had a piece of my heart. I have been an avid diver since 2007, obtaining my Rescue Diver certification in Monterey, California in 2017.
Being an underwater cameraman has been always my dream. I recently fulfilled part of that dream and purchased a proper underwater camera. These are some photos I took on a trip to the Red Sea the summer of 2023. I hope the collection grows soon!. 
When underwater I shot mostly video. Editing the clips together with music is one of my favorite hobbies. Here are a couple of cuts I made with footage from my last trip to the Red Sea.
SS Thistlegorm was a British cargo steamship that was built in North East England in 1940 and sunk by German bomber aircraft in the Red Sea in 1941. Her wreck near Ras Muhammad is now a well-known diving site. Clips from nearby dive sites were added.
I had a blast scuba diving on the Red Sea. This time was my second and I wondered before arriving how everything would have changed in 14 years. I have seen with my own eyes how places like Hawaii get bleached and wildlife disappears. But I am extremely happy to report that corals remain beautifully healthy in this particular place of the world, and that there is even more abundance of life than the last time I visited it. What a special place, a true treasure.
I just returned from another trip to the Red Sea, this time to the south. I can't put into words what I felt when I was surrounded by so much beauty. The corals are like something I haven't seen before. This video is my humble attempt to capture this treasure with my camera.
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